I'm a music composer & producer, living and working in Melbourne, Australia.

I was born in Australia on the very same day and year as Drake, the rapper / producer. I spent my early childhood living between Melbourne, Sydney, and Lake County (California), setting fire to other people’s property and looking after a long haired Bactrian camel named Jingle Baba. At around five years old, I sent a letter to Brian Wilson, thanking him for Pet Sounds (he wrote back when I was in my early teens, with a signed photo of him and his poodle in front of a wall of Pet Sounds LPs). I had cancer (non-hodgkins lymphoma) when I was six years old, an experience which has inspired a lot of the music I make.

At some point, I inherited a drumkit from a feminist power punk trio (friends of my mum), and started teaching myself to play. When I was 13 I tried to learn the blues guitar, but failed, then tried to learn the trumpet, but failed, then tried to learn the piano, but failed. So I moved to my computer, and started making very chilled out instrumental hip hop, directly influenced by a heavy pot addiction and a lot of cafe chillout compilations. Thanks to the trojan virus, no one will ever hear this music. At around 15, inspired by the spontaneous jam sessions I had with the cool older dudes living in me and my mum’s share house, I started recording some guitar noodling on the inbuilt microphone on a laptop. These noodlings would later become Thunderclap Spring, my first solo LP.

Shortly before my 20th birthday I moved to Kyoto, and quickly fell in love with the rivers, bathhouses, mountains, and the otherworldly broken flute sounds of the recycling trucks there. I left for Europe a year later, where I toured with band Function Ensemble for a month. The tour finished in Berlin, where I stayed for another year, beginning work on what would become my second solo LP, Sorry, Morning.

When Berlin got too cold, I moved to London, where I lied my way into becoming a gardener - first for the Prince of The UAE, and then for The Queen Of England (inside the walls of the Buckingham Palace Gardens). There I enjoyed excellent free lunches (available to all Palace staff), watched the Queen take her morning walks through the palace gardens, and endured several vicious dog attacks (the Queen’s corgy’s don’t like loud noises, like the ones emanating from leaf blowers and mowers, the little fucks). Also, in London, having almost completed Sorry, Morning, I was signed to indie label Blackmaps, who would go on to release Thunderclap Spring in 2009, and Sorry, Morning in 2014.

Returning to Melbourne in 2009, I studied sound art at RMIT university, and began playing in bands Pascal Babare & Teeth, Aleks and The Ramps, Mallee Songs, Tailor Made For A Small Room, and Magic Hands. In 2015 I teamed up with long time musical friends Matthew Nicholson and Lucy Roleff to form the avant electronic band AT/ALL, and in 2016 we self-released our debut LP, Sun Dog. I’ve just completed my 3rd solo LP, and am now wondering what to do with it. In the meantime, I’m working alongside Cornel Wilczek (of Qua), Mark Mitchell (of Clue To Kalo), Gus Franklin (Architecture In Helsinki), and Tommy Spender at Electric Dreams studios, where I compose, produce, and engineer part time.